April 19, 2017

Smart casual look for Spring

floral blazer4  

Looking back at these photos makes me wonder how can the weather change so rapidly from sunny Spring to rainy Autumn. It feels as if we skipped Summer and went straight in November. Blame it on global warming or on mystical forces, but I simply find it hard to deal with. 

 So, my attempt for a new Spring outfit inspiration, a kind of smart casual look, feels like a joke right now in my country, but I hope that the rest of you who live in warmer climates are experiencing a much more delightful time and could actually dress like this! 
 The floral print blazer is a must have for me in the Spring season, this one has quite a relaxed, casual cut, so paired with some straight pants and a simple top really gets your attention and that is the whole point right?

 Right, well, for the next week I am back to my rain coat and heavy clothing (hopefully not sweaters!) so, I hope that during this time I won't have to post an article titled "Back to Winter".

  floral blazerfloral blazer5 floral blazer2 floral blazer0 floral blazer3

Wearing: Sheinside blazer, C&A trousers, no name shoes, Adona bag, Zara top

April 15, 2017

Easter cookies and cupcakes ideas!

easter cupcakes

Are you ready for Easter yet? If you haven't finished your festive meals, here are a few suggestions of something sweet, of course! One of my biggest pleasures in life is to bake cakes and sweets, so whenever there is a major holiday coming up, it is natural of me to post some recipes on this blog. Decorating cakes is so much fun! So here I am with some Easter inspired cupcakes and cookies recipes, I hope you will love them!

easter cupcakes0 easter cupcakes3 
I searched all around Pinterest for some inspiration and took some idea from there and decided to create some sort of bunny shapes from frosting while making the ears from sugar paste (or marzipan).
Then I made some Easter egg nests - these are my favorite! -  a few other bunny tails and the ones with strawberries were meant to represent carrots dug up from the ground, but my glazing technique failed me this time and it did not stick to the strawberries, so let's pretend  they are carrots, ok?

easter cupcakes2

easter cupcakes7 easter cupcakes4

easter cupcakes1

I also made some gingerbread Easter egg cookies, now I cheated a bit with these, because I used a dough mix from the store and did not make it myself, but I promise you I spent more than three hours decorating these!
I worked with four bowls or frosting, each in a different color and I messed up my kitchen with glaze, tiny butterflies and food coloring, but I so loved the final result, I mean, the whole designing process gave me such satisfaction!

easter cupcakes8< easter cupcakes6 easter cupcakes5

Easter is all about pastel colors and fun shapes, so creating these was so much fun for me, just looking at them brings me such joy, I bet that by tomorrow they will be all gone, at least I hope they are delicious too!

Here are the ingredients I used:

For the cupcakes dough: your basic 150 g flour, 120 g caster sugar, 2 eggs, 100 ml milk, 100 g butter and a bit of almond extract - my favorite.
Mixed all these and bake them for 25 minutes at 175 degrees Celsius

For the frosting - I used the same frosting for the cookies and cupcakes:
180 g of mascarpone cheese, 200 ml of whipped cream, a bit of vanilla extract.

You also need food coloring and various cake decorations, you can find them at the baking department in any hyper market.

I hope you like them and I will leave you by wishing you a very happy (and delicious) Easter!

April 4, 2017

Going back in time to the '90s!


High waist pants, cropped top and denim jacket - I feel like mom in the '90s. 
Those pants did belong to her until that print struck my fancy and decided she would not miss wearing them, so it was safe to say that it was my turn to do that!
 They are funny and also fun to wear, for any casual relaxing day, wouldn't you agree? 

 So, all you millennials out there, if you ever fancy creating an outfit from mid '90s, go raid your mother's closet, it's the most convenient (and free) option! 

 How do you feel about fashion in the '90s ?

  denim5denim7 denim3 denim2 denim

Wearing: mom's pants and shirt, Zara jacket, New Yorker shoes and sunglasses, H&M rings, handmade choker.